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Drayen Labie en Playtime

Drayen Labie in Playtime

Drayen Labie offers a personal synthesis between Western harmonies and musical traditions from the overseas territories. Approach that naturally fits his compositions on the musical path opened by bands like Sixun Joe Zawinul Syndicate, Meddy Gerville or Canonge.

Price: 6 €



The story of Irma is a nice fairy tale: EU sponsors her first album, Letter To the Lord, the first failures that turn quickly on tour of over 150 concerts across Europe. A story highlighted by a browser Google Chrome, due to publication here millions of Internet users know IRMA now. She was nominated for a Grammy in the category “Revelation scene”, a Record Player ...

IRMA is a Cameroon folk-singer, always inspired by a light pop. And now she presents her second album this year ...


Le Balluche de la Saugrenue

Originally “Le Balluche de la Saugrenue”, 5 musicians with diverse musical roots: musette, swing, Jamaican music (reggae, dub), rock, punk song. Their goal: to dust off the music of the cosmopolitan Paris of the 30s and infuse a healthy dose of newness! Met in 2006, they gather compositions and covers, lost sounds of the accordion of the Interwar period to create a dynamic and poetic "preposterous" musical figure-of –ball.

Price: € 6.80

Retour à Bali

Return to Bali (traditional music)

Group pancha Indra Organized by the Music and Heritage Association Sunday, December 14 at 17h

Often unknown to the Western public the gamelan music is an art music that conveys a fascinating ancient culture.

Prices: € 15 / € 12 / € 5 / for children till 12 years the entrance is free.