Call for artists…

A painter’s question:

I think we should tell you that I am preparing a project on the buttocks. If M. Yukhnytsya is interested by the legs, maybe other body parts could also be of her interest?

The answer:

It’s a good question. It’s been a while since I wanted to give the answer on our website and voila this opportunity is offered to me. The frivolity of the subject, of course, forcing artists to different things. And it is their right. The aim of our project is to boost creative research and make the theme of the exhibition the main subject of the works. Erotic contest aims to give artists a chance to ride to the superiors spiritual worlds. Thus, from a slightly naughty theme, we can extract the noble, the beautiful and the spiritual! This is the true purpose of the painter’s profession. The support of the vulgar by elites, for those who hold a paintbrush in hand, is the way towards degeneration safe. The personal liability of each creator is important to oneself, family, society, nature, before his talent (and mine, for the acceptance of such works …).

Grace to our gallery and other, we can save a lot of beautiful traditions, noble and practical that teach us but begins to disappear. We can save it with national and contemporary costumes, with noble subjects of the 21st centuries and with simple physical activity’s benchmarks and moral development. How many luxurious contemporary styles, beautiful, balanced, refined will become more known! How many people seeking their way could be directed towards development, and ultimately to an evolution!

That’s it. I hope that many will hear me.
Yevhen Yukhnytsya