Call for candidatures…

In 2007 as part of preparations for the celebration of the sixth centenary of the Chateau des Reaux in France, its owner, Evgeny Yukhnytsya has offered to participate in the creation of a contemporary art exhibition in the castle on the theme: “legs of women and men in the art of the third millennium”.

Today in 2014, the exhibition continues.

The subject can be divided into four versions :

A. Classic and lovely legs of the 3rd millennium
B. A humorous or satirical look at contemporary legs
C. The evolution of men’s legs until today
D. Your vision of the four legs of two people in a same œuvre

Condition of participation :

1. The paintings must be done with oil on canvas or other medium, and a minimum size of 12 M (61cm x 38 cm) Any form possible: rectengulaire, round, etc.
2. Paints must be dated, signed and accompanied by a short biography of the author.
3. Each painting must be unique, copies are systematically denied.

Condition Selection :

The jury is composed of personalities from the world of Arts and Letters, he will proceed to the final designation and awards instituted. EACH received painting will have  one or the other versions (A, B, C or D) and will be purchased in a manner guaranteed by the gallery. However, the organizer of the exhibition contest reserves the right to make the final choice. Its purchase price is symbolically set for those who accepteron at 305 € (including VAT), all rights assigned, and will be a permanent expostion at Chateau and other places, as well as reproduction in the catalog of the “Collection of Chateau des Reaux” (works not selected will be returned to their authors).

Registration :


1. Leave your contact information by filling out the registration form (on the left):
2. Read and sign two copies of the contract of assignment of the economic rights in case of purchase, available here in PDF format below:
3. Choose the version or versions of the theme that you (have) inspired (s)

Sending’s conditions

The paintings are to be sent by mail to the following address:
Château des Réaux
51, rue des Réaux 37140
Chouzé sur Loire

The shipment will be done by mail at the expense of the castle.
To ensure the correct port of the package it is best to send it by registered mail.
For those who do not want to risk sending the painting, you can send photos on of the proposed painting.
In the days following the receipt of the pictures, you will have the answer, if you can or not send this painting.

For any additional information :
Phone : +33 (0)2 47 95 14 40
Mail :

Contest of Chateau des Réaux :
Once the selection of paintings completed, an illustrated catalog will be published.
All paintings recues participate to the great contest which will award for each of the versions A, B, C, D the following prizes:

1st prize : 4000€
2nd prize : 2200€
3rd prize : 1800€
4th prize : 1200€
5th prize : 800€

You can send us your bank details later