The castle…

Built by Jean Bric,onnet from 1435 till 1485 on a more ancient fortress, the Castle of Re’aux is a monument which architecture dates from the beginning of Renaissance.

Located in the middle of a nice sported huge garden, which spreads out on a dozen hectares and plunges this house of culture into a world of serenity and harmony. The Castle is entirely encircled with picturesque watercourses, in a case of greenery far from the turbulence of the city. This place is ideal for all artists and creators. You will find several comfortable places equipped with easels to paint pictures.

It is possible to visit Castle or the permanent exhibition; to sleep in one of the luxurious rooms or suites. All visitors will be warmly welcomed.

The history of the Chateau began in the 14th century

At the end of the 15th century Guillaume Bric,onnet, the son of Jean Bric,onnet, the first mayor of Tours, who was close to Louis XI and to Charles VIII, acquired the fortress in ruins and replaced it with a house of the first Renaissance – the Chateau Plessis-Rideau.

Of the ancient medieval fortress remains the plan of the ancient building: an island with moats filled with running water that was used to ensure security. When Bric,onnet acquired the castle at the end of the 15th century, the Valley of Loire entered to the period of architectural revival. In this period the actual castle acquired its most original part: the cha^telet of entrance in checked patterns made of cut stone and bricks. This polychrome covering is relatively rare in the Loire Valley. It is more frequent in Normandy, especially in the country of Auge, as well as in the PAris Metropolitan Region and in Picardy..

In 1651, a descendant of Bric,onnet sold Plessis-Rideau to Gideon Tallemant des Re’aux who, two years later, got by the king’s letter the permission to change the name of his new property: Plessis-Rideau became Re’aux.

On the death of Tallemant, in 1692, his wife received the castle of Re’aux. She made different purchases to extend the property. Then she sold the Cha^teau to Louis Taboureau, the king’s councillor.

In 1897, the castle was given up for Julien Barrois. During more than a century, the chateau belonged to the same family.

Since 2005 the Castle of Re’aux belongs to the Yukhnytsyas.