Permanent exhibition…

Our contemporary art gallery will surprise you and intrigue you. Currently the new exhibition on the theme of “legs of woman and man in the 3rd millennium”, which the owner, Yehven Yukhnytsya (decorated the medal of merit and dedication to the arts), collecting for 6 years, has no analogues in the world.

According to the ranking made by scientists of the Institute of Bologna, Italy, women’s legs and all that is related to the legs is the most attractive subject for men. Does it must therefore be surprised that the owner of Chateau des Réaux, choosing the topic for the creation of the exhibition, was stopped on the subject of legs?

Say those female legs are just a means of transportation; means scratching of a sudden everything is troubling was said by poets, and even just by men, the judges of the feminine beauty.

At all times the female legs were the subject of very deep admiration and the object of the most steadfast attention of men. The troubadours composed ballads, knights fought on many tournaments; the songs were devoted to women’s legs; sculptors reflected their beauty in granite and marble; only to take a look at a nice foot, men did crazy acts.

So the decision was taken in 2007 and a major international competition on the theme “women’s and men’s legs in the 3rd Millennium” began. Painters from all continents of the world shipped paintings to the Chateau des Réaux. We received hundreds of letters and after a few years we took stock. Having the best masterpiece, today, exposure owns more than 700 paintings by over 40 countries worldwide!

This gallery was created as part of the preparations for the celebration of the sixth centenary of the Castle of Réaux in France.